Uncharted II Dolch

Die Künstler Rowan Wills aus Sydney und Oberon Bradford aus Melbourne sind große Uncharted Fans und haben ihre Liebe zum Spiel kreativ entfaltet. Mit Hilfe eines 3D-Druckers und viel Handarbeit sowie Materialien aus Harz, Silizium und Fiberglas, fertigen die beiden eine Nachbildung des berühmten Phurba-Dolches aus Uncharted II an. Wir haben es uns nicht nehmen lassen, den Künstlern ein paar eigene Zeilen über Ihr Werke und Ihre Videospiel-Affinitäten zu entlocken.

Rowan Wills

Hi there people at Games Art. The Phurba Dagger project was a joint effort between Oberon Bradford and myself Rowan Wills. Our ideas for prop work like this often comes from seeing something in a game or movie we like and deciding „I want one of those“. To get a prop of the quality that we both want, the best way is often to make it yourself. After I received the 3D print I still had a lot of work to do. I had to fix up areas the 3D printer didn’t quite manage to get right, or to get the detail we wanted. This required a lot of patient sanding and careful detailing, as well as some physical re-sculpting. Once I was happy with it it was onto the molding phase. My most recent molds are both two part silicon moulds with a hydrocal mother mold. To produce a cast I simple mix two part resin together and pour it in. Finishing again requires a bit more sanding, attaching the two parts together, priming and hand painting several layers and washes. My favorite game was for a long time the Halo series, having made props from there in the past. But I have to say that Uncharted has now taken top spot of my favourite games, its, the sense of adventure that sucks me in. However Skyrim has the best soundtrack of any game I’ve played recently.

Oberon Bradford

The project came about due to our love of the Uncharted games. The dagger was a perfect mix of something detailed enough to require 3D modelling to produce a base as well as requiring various other techniques after printing for finishing. The modelling took a bit over a week, working a few hours at a time as it was a personal project. This was a combination of video game modelling techniques and digital sculpting. The model was the prepared for 3D printing and sent to shapeways. The resulting prints were sent to Rowan. My favorite game for almost all of my life has been Metal Gear Solid, but The Last Of Us has recently put itself to at least equal footing, if not higher. But Metal gear would still have to be my favorite soundtrack.

Vielen Dank an Rowan Wills und Oberon Bradford für Ihre Worte, Charmaine Morgan für die Bereitstellung der Fotos und Euch allen viel Spaß mit den Bildern zum Uncharted II Dolch. Wenn ihr den Dolch Euer Eigen nennen möchtet, so könnt ihr diesen HIER erstehen.

Quelle / Autor: Davis Schrapel

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