Steampunk Gameboy

Grandioses Gameboy und DS Design im alten Stil

Der Künstler Abhisek Basak aus New Delhi in Indien, hat sich auf die Veredelung von Gegenständen im Steampunk-Gewand spezialisiert. Sein einzigartiger und handgefertigten Steampunk Gameboy sowie der Steampunk GameBoy DS, haben den Charme von etwas altem und mechanischem. Geschmückt mit einer Vielzahl an Zahnrädern, Uhrwerk und Verzierungen sind seine Werke einfach super umgesetzt und der Holz-Look vollendet seine Arbeiten und hebt Sie eindeutig aus der Masse hervor. Ein Muss für Fans von individualisierten und limitierten Videospiel-Raritäten. Wir von GamesArt, haben dem Künstler ein paar eigene Zeilen über seine Werke und seiner Videospiel-Affinitäten entlockt.

Matthias Zimmermann

My name is Abhisek Basak and I am from New Delhi, India. I am a complete comics and games buff. I love to read comics, draw comics, play games..I love game art and from there came the idea of turning the games(the consoles) into art. I studied fashion design and started making steampunk objects as hobby and now this is what i do professionally. The first gameboy came as a query from a client in Japan and took this on as a challenge. He saw my Steampunk USB drives and asked me if I can steampunk a gameboy for him. I love to challenge my limits, so I said „yes“. It took me 45 days to make the first gameboy. I made everything by hand. It took me 3 tries to get the wooden cover right. I just never gave up. Then came the metal part. To get the right thickness and right width of the metal strips, they had to made from wires. I drew wires, flattened them to get the even thickness and width of the metal strips for borders. Each piece of metal was individually crafted and assembled and there is absolutely no short-cut taken. For me God lies in the details of the design. SO, each button was carefully finished and care taken that they don’t lose their function. At the end of the day, the gameboys must function perfectly and should be playable without any user problems. After the first gameboy was made, I shared in Deviant Art. As you can see, the response was overwhelming. And i wanted to make more. People were asking me to make more ;) So, next I made the gameboy DS and 2 more gameboy colors. Every piece is unique and takes as much time to make because of the accurate finishing that is needed. I love to make this and enjoy the process of making them. i hope you enjoy them as much :) I have too many favorite games. From my childhood – super mario, tetris, donkey kong, castle wolfenstein, mortal combat, street fighter, doom. I can play these even now :D I enjoyed Halo series, Tomb Raider, GTA, Metal Gear, BioShock but I am not too much for mainstream games. I like to look for games that has great story and game play but somehow did not get mainstream success like they should have: The Witcher Franchise, Spec Ops: The Line, Psychonauts, System Shock 2, Beyond Good and Evil, Persona 4. Game tracks: Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania II, The Elder Scrolls V…all of them are just amazing.

Vielen Dank an Abhisek Basak für seine Worte und Euch allen viel Spaß mit den Bildern zum Steampunk Gameboy und dem Steampunk Gameboy DS. Wenn Ihr Euch für weitere Projekte von Abhisek Basak interessiert, oder einen Steampunk Gameboy erstehen möchtet, so findet Ihr diese HIER.

Quelle / Autor: Davis Schrapel

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