PlayStation Lampe

Der Künstler Jeff Farber, aus Wisconsin, hat sich auf die Fertigung von Kunstwerken aus Videospielkonsolen und Controllern spezialisiert. Dabei fertigt Jeff die verschiedensten Kunstwerke vom Wandgemälde bis hin zum Schaukasten der die Controllergeschichte wiederspiegelt. Unter seinem Repertoire hat uns ganz besonders die #PlayStation2 Lampe gefallen, die in keinem Videospielzimmer fehlen sollte. Die Lampe besteht dabei aus einer #PlayStation2Slim in Verbindung mit zwei #Dualshock2 Controllern. Wir haben Jeff ein paar eigene Zeilen über seine Werke und seine Videospiel-Affinitäten entlocken können.

Jeff Farber

I recycle broken down video game systems, controllers, and other peripherals. I give new life to these amazing gaming machines of the past making many creative and functional items from home decor to wearable jewelry. No working video games are harmed in my creations. All my items are carefully engineered and made to last. Most of my hard work is hidden inside the consoles, controllers, etc. making my items look simple and minimalist but that is the beauty of my work. I consider each piece to be a work of art and take pride in my unique craft. It’s a new medium that has vast applications in the modern era. I’m keeping these pieces out of landfills and curating small bits of video game history at the same time.

A little about myself and my history: I am an avid old school gamer who spent many hours as a child playing the Atari 2600. When I wasn’t grasping that joystick with one orange button I would have my hands filled with pencils and drawing paper doodling and coloring. I always knew I wanted to combine these two things I loved the most: art and video games.

With this idea always brewing in my head I eventually became a high school art teacher and repaired vintage video games on the side. When I could not fix something instead of throwing it out I turned it into something new and usable. My very first upcycle was turning a broken NES console into a lunch box. I started having more fun playing with the broken stuff rather than the working stuff. I had so much fun, in fact, that I decided to quit my teaching job to pursue my realized dream of working with video games and art full time.

I’m constantly stretching my imagination to come up with new and innovated ideas for recycling video game peripherals. To me a pile of broken video game equipment is not trash but rather a pile of possibilities. My creations take anywhere from a few minutes (key chains) to several days (controller cord art pieces in shadow box) to construct. My ideas come from my imagination and art background.

Vielen Dank an Jeff Farber für seine Worte, Euch viel Spaß mit den Screens zu seinen erleuchtenden Werken. Ihr interessiert Euch für weitere Arbeiten von Jeff – dann findet Ihr diese HIER.

Quelle / Autor: Davis Schrapel

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