Game & Watch Gürtel

Der Künstlerin Lonesoulsurfer aus Australien, hat sich auf handgefertigte Kunstwerke spezialisiert. Dabei kommen die verschiedensten Dinge als Endergebnis heraus, angefangen von LED-Lampen in Revolverkugeln verbaut, bis hin zu einem Game & Watch Gürtel. Neben seinen Arbeiten fertigt er auch Schritt-für-Schritt Anleitungen wie Ihr Euch ebenfalls diese Dinge selber anfertigen könnt. Der Game & Watch Gürtel ist dabei nicht einmal schwer, aber das Ergebnis ist das war zählt und das kann sich wahrlich sehen lassen. Wir von GamesArt, haben dem Künstlerin ein paar eigene Zeilen über seine Werke und seine Videospiel-Affinitäten entlocken können.


I love Nintendo’s Game and Watches. To me these are my childhood, bottled-up in small, pocket-sized, rectangles of glorious gaming fun. My first ever one was Donkey Kong Jr when I was 7. I initially struggled for a few days to get that little fella to open the cage until I accidentally pushed the up and left button at the same time. After that it was game-on (bad pun) and it wasn’t much longer until I clocked the game (one of the most satisfying moments of my young life). Now as an adult I still like to play them and have a small collection that I have purchased over the years. As most collectors of vintage games know, the G&W games are getting harder to find and more expensive all of the time. It’s a shame that Nintendo have never released them again – There’s definitely a market! Recently I came across these very cute replicas of 3 of the most popular G&W’s. At first I thought you could actually play them and started to pull my credit card out my wallet, until I looked closer and discovered that they are solar powered and only show some moving graphics. Still pretty damn cool though! I did purchase one (Chef – one of the rarest G&W’s) and as soon as it arrived I knew it would make a perfect belt buckle. The project itself is pretty simple, all you need is some strong glue, a belt with a flat buckle and a G&W replica and you’re done. It only took about 10 minutes to work out how I was going to make it. Once the glue has dried (4-6 hours) it’s ready to wear. What I really want to make is belt buckle with a real, playable game. Anytime you’re bored, you could just pop it out and start playing! You can purchase miniature G&W’s but they aren’t exact replicas and are nowhere near as cool as the original designed games from the 80’s. You could use an original G&W if you like you buckles big! Let’s hope that Nintendo see the light and decide to release all of the classic G&W games in glorious miniature form.

Vielen Dank an Lonesoulsurfer für seine Worte und Euch allen viel Spaß mit den Bildern zu seinem Kunstwerk. Ihr interessiert Euch für weitere Werke von Lonesoulsurfer – dann findet Ihr diese HIER und die Anleitung zum selber anfertigen des Gürtel findet Ihr HIER.

Quelle / Autor: Davis Schrapel

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