Dragon Age 2 Waffe

Künstlerin Janiz aus den Kissimmee – Florida, hat sich auf handgefertigte Cosplay Kostüme und Waffen spezialisiert. Ihre Isabela Dolche, angefertigt aus thermoplastische Modelliermasse Worblas, sehen nach der Bearbeitung mit Acrylfarben aus wie eigene kleine Kunstwerke. Wir von GamesArt, haben der Künstlerin ein paar eigene Zeilen über Ihre Werke und Ihre Videospiel-Affinitäten entlocken können.


I made Isabela’s daggers for a cosplay I was working on. She’s one of my favorite companions from Dragon Age 2. The daggers are made out of craft foam and Worbla’s Finest Art, a thermoplastic material. I made the main shape of them out of foam first, used a wood burning tool to carve the details, and covered them with Worbla using the sandwich method (worbla on both sides with the foam in the middle). I then had to go over the details again with the wood burning tool to make sure they stood out. I used a few layers carpenter’s wood filler to smooth them out, to look more metallic. That took quite a few layers of filler and then sanding- filler, sand, repeat. Then they were primed and painted. In total it took about 2 weeks, mostly due to all the sanding :) . Most of my ideas for my props come from cosplays I’d like to do. I’ve recently started making some bigger staves and swords for commissions, all of which are from various video games, like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy. My favorite games are Mass Effect 2 & 3, the different Fallout games, Dragon Age, and Bioshock. I’m really excited about Dragon Age Inquisition- so far I can tell I’ll love that soundtrack, and I also love the Mass Effect 3 soundtrack.

Vielen Dank an Janiz für Ihre Worte und Euch allen viel Spaß mit den Bildern zur Entstehung Ihres Werkes. Ihr interessiert Euch für weitere Werke von Janiz – dann findet Ihr diese HIER.

Quelle / Autor: Davis Schrapel

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