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Der Künstler Jere Hiiri, hat sich auf die Fertigung von Figuren aus Videospielen und Filmen spezialisiert. Dabei fertigt Jere Hiiri die verschiedensten Kunstwerke von Figuren bis hin zu Landschaften an. Unter seinem Repertoire befinden sich Figuren zu #AssassinsCreed #Halo #TheWitcher #Zelda und vielem mehr. Besonders gefallen hat uns die #Diablo2 Necromancer Figur, deshalb haben wir Jere Hiiri ein paar eigene Zeilen über seine Werke und seine Videospiel-Affinitäten entlockt.

Jere Hiiri

Ideas for my works come mostly from video games and movies, I’m a huge scifi/fantasy/horror fan and been playing video games so long that my first memories of my life are from Diablo 1. If someone orders a custom work, then of course we work together for something. My favorite games, well there are so many that I probably miss ones here. Diablo and Warcraft as series have sculpted my ideals of art and fantasy my whole life. Diablo 2 especially is one of my favorites along, Warcraft 3 (+expansion), Devil May Cry whole series, even the reboot, the Witcher series, Dragon Age Origins, Mass effect series. My favorite artist is H.R. Giger, simply put the horror, scifi mix with a lot of details and that surrealistic scary atmosphere made it one of the only „real“ artist of modern age.

What it comes to soundtracks, Witcher 3 all 3 combat music, Warcrafts epic cinematic, expansion intros, epic fantasy music overall and fast paced.

My workflow usually goes, if with customer, a bit back and forth e-mailing where I sketch the subject that customer is interested in. Second in order is the wire armature where I sculpt the „bone“ structure of the figurine from strong 3mm or 5mm metal wire. Aluminium foil is then added over the wire armature in most cases to create interior. If it would be pure clay at thick points it couldn’t bake correctly and would crack and break in oven, so buffing the interior with aluminium foil is great for the structural integrity of the figurine. Then the actual sculpting begins. Adding clay overall to form the base model, adding major details, minor details, smoothing with strong alcohol and then baking. Baking takes from 1-5 hours and can be done several times if built in multiple pieces. If so, strong weather resistant glue is used for best strength for the final product. Acrylic paints are used, but they are watered down 50-90% so details aren’t lost. Sometimes multiple paint layers are needed to create weathered look for clothes for example. Inka Gold is another paint that I use which is metallic paint, this paint always requires certain kind of finishing on it so it won’t blend all over. Otherwise I’ve found out multiple (10-20 different) errors later that best varnishes are found from hardware stores, not art stores.

Vielen Dank an Jere Hiiri für seine Worte, Euch viel Spaß mit dem Timelaps Video zur Entstehung seiner tollen Arbeit. Ihr interessiert Euch für weitere Arbeiten von Jere Hiiri – dann findet Ihr diese HIER.

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