Bloodborne Theme Remix

Der Künstler Alex Roe aus Cambridgeshire – England ist Komponist und liebt es bekannte Stücke zu remixen. Seine Arbeit am Debüt-Album #StringsOfTime, sein Konzeptalbum #Praxis und sein Soundtrack zum leider aufgegebenen Fan-Spiel #ChronoArk brachten Ihm eine Auszeichnung vom britischen #SongwritingContest . Neben seiner Soloarbeit hat er auch Musik für unabhängige Spiele, Apps, Radio und anderen Medien wie Werbevideos und Jingles komponiert. Wir von GamesArt, haben Alex Roe ein paar eigene Zeilen über sein Werk und seine Videospiel-Affinitäten entlocken können.

Alex Roe

I was very excited for Bloodborne when it was leaked as Project Beast and then announced at E3. So much so that I wrote an entire album of original music inspired by the game called ‚Borne in Blood‘, which I released about five months before the game came out. I have been writing arrangements/remixes of the Souls series for just over two years now and I knew that I would be doing that with Bloodborne since its announcement. I could have easily remixed some tracks before the game’s release but I personally prefer to play the game and establish a connection with it. I like to work on something I think resonates with myself and people that come to hear my remixes. I’ve written six proper Bloodborne remixes now, as well as a fun Castlevania inspired track.

With ‚The Nightmare Ends‘ I really loved the sad and melancholic mood of the ‚Hunter’s Dream‘. That and its alteration ‚Moonlit Melody‘, are the only songs of its kind on the soundtrack. When I finished Bloodborne, my first thought was that the credits song was a song we all knew from the announcement. I expected something like the credits music from the Souls games – reflective and emotional. That was when I had the idea of taking the ‚Hunter’s Dream‘ track and expanding on it with that idea. The song probably took a day to create, I usually work continuously throughout the day when I get an idea. I write the music in FLStudio and I use sample libraries in Kontakt for the more realistic sounds. Bloodborne and its soundtrack are both amazing and should definitely be played and heard by as many people as possible! As for my favourite game and game soundtrack…I have been playing games all my life and love so much of its music, it’s hard for me to even make a top 10. I can say for 2016 I really enjoyed Rise of the Tomb Raider on PC and Gravity Rush Remastered, they also have really great soundtracks! I’ve also been playing a lot of Stardew Valley and Salt and Sanctuary, Stardew Valley has a really pleasant soundtrack as well.

Cheers! Alex

Vielen Dank an Alex Roe für seine Worte und Euch allen viel Spaß mit seinem Remix des wirklich tollen #Bloodborne Themes #TheNightmareEnds . Ihr interessiert Euch für weitere Arbeiten von Alex Roe – dann findet Ihr diese HIER.

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